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Truck mounted slurry tankers with spreading equipment

Truck mounted slurry tankers with spreading equipment

The slurry tankers have been specially designed for the collection, transport and delivery of farm slurries.

The slurry tankers have been designed for the collection, transport and delivery of farm slurries.

The main components of these vehicles are a single compartment tank, with baffles to reduce the movement of the transported fluid, and a vacuum / pressure pump.
A wide range of optional items are available to customize the units according to the customer requirements.

The equipment is powered by a hydrostatic transmission, connected to the vehicle PTO(s).

We have developed an innovative PLC based system, that controls the working conditions of the equipment, continually adjusting the power requirements and so reducing the wear of the components.

The user interface is also greatly important.

Thanks to the incorporation of an innovative PLC system for the operation of the equipment, specially developed by RIGUAL S.A., which automatically and immediately adjusts the equipment to the working conditions at any given moment, less wear of the mechanical components of the equipment is achieved, simplification in the handling of the equipment and greater safety in the operation.

As an additional complement, different models of slurry applicators can be mounted for greater effectiveness at the time of slurry application.

L SERIES Dumper trailers

L SERIES Dumper trailers

Our SERIE L monocoque dumper trailers have been designed with a body that is lighter, but very strong and reliable.

The reduced tare increases the load capacity of the unit.

Another important feature is the rear door, with hydraulic upwards opening, that can also be opened manually to the side.

Cylindrical Dumper trailers

Cylindrical Dumper trailers

The CYLINDRICAL monocoque dumper trailers offers a range of very robust high capacity units. This design is also specially good for products that are more difficult to unload, such as manure and forage.

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