L SERIES Dumper trailers - Rigual

Galleryuses and applications


The L Series tubs are versatile vehicles that can be used for different purposes depending on their volumes. We have specialised models designed for bulk loading of grapes and olives, as well as for any other type of product or load that may be required.

In the design of the L-Series tubs we have prioritised the needs of the user. A lower tare weight will allow a higher loading weight and therefore a higher transport volume is guaranteed.

The different models of tubs will allow you to carry out high volume loads with or without lifts thanks to their first axle lift with automatic lowering and pull assist.

In the development of the two models, we have sought to provide them with maximum stability and safety, as well as greater lightness and robustness by reinforcing the sides with XX mm side folds made of stainless steel.

In our designs we always take into account the use that is going to be given to the vehicles, so we adapt the different components to ensure their durability and that they comply with current legislation for each purpose, for example, in the case of grape harvesting, an INOX tub, etc. will be used. We have a wide range of options to adapt the tub to your specific needs, obtaining totally personalised vehicles.

We know that the entry and exit of vehicles must be fast and comfortable, so we have models with hydraulic and manual doors, with DUMPER type locking on the smaller models.


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